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Sunrise Lodge is located at the headwaters of Wisted creek and offers stunning views of Rockies to the west and Purcells to the south. Sunrise is the southern gateway to the amazing Esplanade range, including Meadow, Vista and Sentry Lodges. Consensus among those who’ve spent time at all four Esplanade Range Huts though is that Sunrise is the best: best terrain, best for storm skiing, and best snowpack of the bunch!

You can expect lots of alpine, treeline and tree skiing here, with everything from gentle open slopes to steep pillow lines. Our last trip to Sunrise in 2017 was a big hit and so I’m happy to be offering another one for 2020!

Cost:  $2400 + tax

Dates: February 1 - 8, 2020

Guides: Ian kirschner; DAVE CRERAR

Cook: Kim Wiggins

Maximum number of participants: 12

Remaining Spots:  SOLD OUT!

Deposit: $1200

Fitness Level:

You will need to be aN intermediate skier with a reasonable fitness level, capable of skiing 3000 to 6000 vertical feet in a day. Your endurance level should be such that you could stay out skiing for 4 to 8 hours.

Meeting Place:

Golden alpine holidays office - golden bc. feb 1 @ 730am.

Cancellation Policies:

 See Rates and Payment information...

Download PDF: 

Equipment Check List