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The classic Wapta Traverse runs roughly north-south across the expanse of the Wapta and Waputik Icefields passing by four ACC huts. The east-west crossing, from Bow Lake to Takkakaw Falls and the #1 Highway near Field, BC is a classic traverse in its own right, but a much more serious one due to the 20-km crossing between the Bow and Stanley Mitchell huts. The new Louise and Richard Guy Hut at Mont des Poilus breaks up this crossing, making the trip safer and more comfortable and accessible.

Cost:  $1800 + tax

Dates: april 4 - 9, 2020

Guides: Ian kirschner

Maximum number of participants: 6

Remaining Spots:  6

Deposit: $900

Fitness Level:

You will need to be a strong intermediate skier with a reasonable fitness level, capable of skiing 5000 to 6000 vertical feet in a day. Your endurance level should be such that you could stay out skiing for 6 to 8 hours.

Meeting Place:

The time and place where we meet will be announced in the information package that I send out once I receive the deposit. 

Cancellation Policies:

 See Rates and Payment information...

Download PDF: 

Equipment Check List